Butternut Box launches its first ever veggie meal so dogs across the nation can enjoy a meat free munchday

Leading dog food subscription service, Butternut Box, now offers a vegetable-based option for dog owners looking for veggie meals. 71% of consumers* stated they want to offer their pets a vegetable-based dish at least once a week. Ready Steady Veggie doesn’t compromise on protein or nutrients to nourish and care for our pets

LEADING UK fresh dog food brand, Butternut Box, has met the increasing demand for veggie dishes for our furry friends with the launch of their first meat-free meal, Ready Steady Veggie. The new well-balanced dish comes as 71%* of pet owners say they want a vegetable-based meal once a week so their dogs can also enjoy a ‘Meat-free Munchday”.

Ready Steady Veggie comes, after high demand from pet owners who want an alternative to meat for their pets. The new sustainable meal is part of a recommended and healthy diet for dogs and incorporates up to 60% freshly prepared vegetables alongside plant-based protein.

The new meal from Butternut Box joins their already tried and tasted well-balanced favourites such as Beef It Up, You’ve Got Game and Swish Fish Dish. 

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Ready Steady Veggie comes packed with vegetables including butternut squash, sweet potatoes, carrots and green beans as well as plenty of protein from eggs, pea protein and potato protein. With a sprinkle of spinach, thyme and parsley, it doesn’t compromise on the delicious taste whilst keeping mealtimes interesting for our beloved pets.

This alternative new meal option has also been taste-tested by a whole host of dogs, to ensure it meets both their dietary needs and provides the great taste they love. The dish is grain-free, low in fat (4.5%) and bursting with vitamins, antioxidants and protein to ensure dogs enjoy a healthy meal without compromise. 

Charlotte McCormack, Head of Product Development at Butternut Box, said: “Our dogs aren’t just pets, but important members of our families too. If we as owners are choosing vegetarian, flexitarian or plant-based lifestyles, then it’s only right that our pets can enjoy that option too! If we enjoy a night away from meat with days like a Meat Free Monday or a Fishy Friday, we can now extend that to our pets so they are part of family dinner times too.

“Ready Steady Veggie is the latest addition to our range of healthy and sustainable fresh meals for dogs, and it’s one that we know they will love just as much as the rest of our range.”

Dr Ciara Clarke, In-House Vet and Research Specialist at Butternut Box, said: “Whilst some pet parents might worry that they can’t give their pet enough protein without meat, there are alternatives that will ensure our dogs are getting enough vitamins, nutrients and protein within their diet. Dogs are omnivores so a varied and well-balanced diet keeps them happy and healthy for longer.

“The launch of Ready Steady Veggie is one that includes amino acids to ensure healthy muscle mass as well as Vitamin C and B6 that can help with everything from our dog’s eyesight to supporting their nervous system.

“If a pet owner is worried about building a new meal into their dog’s diet, they can seek advice from their vet before making any dietary changes.”

Ready Steady Veggie is now available via the Butternut Box website.

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Butternut Box is a UK-based startup, founded by two friends, Kev & Dave. The two started the company after seeing the benefits that home-cooked food had on Dave's poorly rescue dog, Rudie. Butternut's mission is to deliver health and happiness to dogs and their humans all over the world. For more information, visit www.ButternutBox.com
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